Mobile Workforce on Android

So, just recently my company, G3 Global, tasked me with investigating mobile application development, with the intention to integrate into SAP. So as a proof of concept, I managed to put together a prototype mobile application that simply mimics the role of your mobile engineering workforce out in the field.

The idea simply demonstrates a job listing for an engineer, allowing them to review the job details, and contains the ability to take before and after photos of the job, as well as geo tagging the images with their current GPS location, to pin point where the images were taken. I believe Drew has already beaten me to the post (no pun intended) but if you haven’t seen it there yet, then check out the cool video we put together:

You can also find the original post on my company blog here: ‘Mobile Workforce On Android

The beginnings of my new journey

So, after a very very long time, I’ve decided to pick up blogging again. Hopefully this time I’ll be able to find the time I seemed to have lost previously, to blog my software development musings as well as some other cool interests I have including my motorcycle and photography!

So without taking up too much time on the first post, I just wanted to say, “I’m back!”

Expect great things on this here blog over time, as I plan to plot my journey ,traversing the world of .NET and Microsoft and into the unknown world of Java and all of its open source goodness!

Until next time….