Escaping to the Himalayas

As some of you might know, I’m a bit of a biker, and also a little bit nuts sometimes. When you combine these two things, you will end up with a crazy idea like going to the Himalayas and riding around there on a Royal Enfield. So that’s exactly what I’m about to do! 🙂

I’ve decided to sign up with Blazing Trails and do one of their tours from Manali to Leh. I’ve never been to India before, and I’ve also never done a bike tour like this before – complete bike tour virgin! 🙂 Oh and did I mention I’m going on my own, not knowing a soul on tour!? Yeah I’m definitely nuts! I’ll more than likely be offline for the majority of the time, so this is a quick post to say “See you in +/-2 weeks!”

I suspect that by the time I return, I’ll be completely exhausted, but would have gained a life time experience. Here goes nothing….