Android Development Part 1 – Choosing the right project structure

I’ve been doing some android development now for a little over 4 months, and I thought I’d try to convey my lessons learnt while both celebrating my successes, and bashing my head on my not so grandest moments. I’ll attempt to break my journey into a few blog posts which will talk about project setup, all they way through to choosing the right frameowkrs, and deployment of the app.

So to start, lets talk about how to structure your project. I’ve used eclipse to develop my android goodness, and I’ve found it to suffice for what I need – although I am pretty tempted these days to IntelliJ, but thats a story for another blog post! 🙂

The best way I found to structure my project, was to use maven. Honestly, I could have just stuck with the standard project that comes with the android SDK, but there’s something that really erks me about not describing my dependiencies in a POM file! This also makes me feel a little more cosier inside for when I eventually try and set the beast up to run a Jenkins build!

OK, so we’ve established that we need to use Maven. Thats great, but how do I go about trying to structure where my files go, and what about the nice feature in eclipse that allows me to build my android project, and even deploy it?! Well, here comes the neat little plugin called : maven-android-plugin This is a fantastic little maven plugin to help you build you project, and to help you along, below is a xml snippet of what it would look like configured in your pom:

<!-- Other config ommited for brevity -->
		<version>2.9.0-SNAPSHOT</version> <!-- 2.8.4 -->
				<!-- platform or api level (api level 4 = platform 1.6)-->
			<device><!-- Insert the device ID here if you want to deploy to an actual device --></device>
			<!--  emulator>emulator_name</emulator -->

One thing worth mentioning here, is the version of the maven-android-plugin I’m using. Its actually my own rolled version which I forked from the github repo because I needed to fix a bug. The bug fix has been included into the currently 3.0.0-alpha-1 release. You can read about it here. I haven’t yet updated to the 3.0.0-alpha-1 version, because I haven’t had time yet to make sure everything still works. I can’t see anything majorly wrong with using this version for now, but do be warned.. it is an alpha after all!

With that started, I’ll be writing next about some really cool frameworks there are for the android platform, that could easily cut down on the amount of code you’d have to write!

Till next time…


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